Health & Saftey

Dar Al Rokham Implements a broad range of Health and Safety risk management to provide a safe, healthy, and positive working environment for all its employees and those under its care to comply with every aspect of health and safety legislation including:

The preparation of strategic plans to achieve effective health and safety cultures.
Design and implementation of health and safety management systems to meet requirements of local authorities, such as, best international HSE practice, or accredited such as ISO 9001 Occupational Health & Safety Management.
Health and safety risk assessments, hazard identification and control of risks

We aim to eliminate all class-one accidents (an accident that results in fatality or permanently alters a person’s life) and to minimise, and ultimately eliminate, all lost-time accidents on our sites. Safety management committees undertake monthly safety audits of every project.

Health and Safety is a priority for Dar Al Rokham, and our strong safety record is a key competitive advantage.